Pronounced like M&M, but with an "en".

If you're a serious writer, you probably need this.

What's this?

Simple: Type en dashes—and em dashes—from the comfort of your keyboard. If you're a serious writer, then boost your cred—use these dashes.

Em-n-en can be set-and-forget. Simply download the program, open it, set it to Start on Windows Startup, and never fiddle with it again. You could be up and running in less than a minute.

There are a few different ways to use the program! Check them out here!

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Get it here:

Windows only - others coming soon.

Binary Executable: Download

Source Code (tar): Download

Source Code (zip): Download

Other things:

Em-n-en Repo: github.com/CemraJC/em-n-en

Author's Github: github.com/CemraJC

Author's Email: cemrajc+em-n-en@gmail.com